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Preparations for the 35th Chaos Communication Congress

Lessons from 34C3 (which probably already appear in the above list, but repeated to bring the point home):

  • Bring power strips
  • Bring RJ45 cables, wifi is iffy and also slower
  • Lighting!
  • Signs. We Are TAMI or some'ng
  • awesome amazing OSS/OSH project that everyone loves goes here


  • when registering tami assembly ask for 2 sits for every one that comes. they will then supply enough sits and we want be crammed.
  • as a tami member, register yourself and add to the assembly.
  • following is 34c3 assemebly skeleton

{{Assembly |Has website=https://telavivmakers.org/index.php/Main_Page |Has contact=https://telavivmakers.org/ |Has orga contact=_@yuv.al |Has description=Tel Aviv Makers Intl. hackerspace assembly |Has assembly tag=hackerspace, hackerspaces, open hardware, hardware hacking, electronics, open source |Provides session location=yes |Provides stage=no |Has assembly type=just a gathering space |Needs seats=5 |Needs extra seats=5 |Need fibre=no |Near passage=whatever |Uses money=no money handling }}