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The motivation behind this is to make a low cost custom computer vision camera using a really low cost web cam, some lenses with different focal lengths and a 3d printed enclosure to hold the parts in the right places and allow easy mounting. The camera in question will be responsive to IR, will have quite a long focal length and will be used for Gaze Tracking using an open source library from ITU Copenhagen.

ITU Gaze Group


The camera used is a Microsoft LifeCam HD3000. It was torn down as per the following disassembly guide.


12mm security camera lenses were selected. These have an M12 x 0.5mm thread. [Lenses from DX]

In order to mount these in a 3d printed enclosure, the hole will be made slightly smaller than the lens and tapped with the right [tap]

A prototype run of this was performed and successful with a 12mm hole. (This was performed using the [this])


850 nm IR LEDS from ebay 850 nm IR LEDS from ebay

Specs: Vf = 1.5 to 1.6V If (mA): 60mA Continuous Vs = 5v -> R = 58 Ohms Vs = 12v -> R = 175 Ohms

As per the gaze tracker setup instructions, an IR source should be placed on either side of the camera, so two loose IR light sources with 4 x 5mm LEDs mounted in each


3 September First, second and third revisions were done this weekend with lots of work from Moti and Frank. Here's a photo of the performance. It's pretty good [[1]]