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This page is dedicated to TAMI finance matters. The following resources exists for this purpose:

Current Status

As of Jan. 2020 TAMI could really use additional members, with covid-19 causing major disruption of activity. Current recommended donation sum is approx. 300 ILS/month, the amount needed to cover current expenses (~6k/month) by active members - for more info check out the budged spreadsheet link above.

Last donation round thread which ended on 2019-12 can be found here.

Membership & Donations

  • TAMI is supported by you and me, Our source of income are donations.
  • Recommended membership fees are 200 NIS per month.
  • TAMI supports a variety of money transfer options - check the donations page for more info

Expenses Overview

For current expense values visit the budget spreadsheet -

  • Rent: nn the 6th year of our contract.
  • Arnona - see Arnona.
  • Electricity: ~1000 / mo, lease no. 5330209 pic
  • Vaad Bait: 443 / mo (goes to superintendents, Hanan and the other guy, elevators, no idea what else)
  • Internet: donated WAN uplink
  • Water: פקס אביבים 035222306 חוזה מים 10812275

Donations letter