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Here are some links and documentation of what i've been doing

1. ESP requires it's own 3.3V supply .If you try to connect if to Arduino or the FTDI's 3.3v it doesn't work. it seems to draw 0.1a on my 5V power supply monitor - i ran it through a voltage regulator set to 3.3v

someone recomended i buyt this to use Arduino's 5v to communicate

i used this regulator for the VCC and use a 3.3v FTDI

2. I'm trying to set it up with an HTTP interface so i can control a led.

on windows it required me to run python and LUA and stuff i didn't care to install on a PC that i'm also using for other stuff also most of the flashing instructions are for linux. the HTTP server code require complation on linux with some special gcc. the instructions assume ubuntu.

this page is about building and this is about the tools

3. i'm not entirely sure whats this

. here are some links

AT Commands:

this is the ESP wiki

some guys is blogging abotu ESP

forum with instructions about the HTTP server and git to it :

a flashing program

not sure what this is or how it's relevant

this are instructions to control something called WS2812 RGB LEDs his code might be useful for controlling other things.

5. Frank Bolton said something about a LUA firmware that has an HTTP code for ESP8266. need to find out more detials.

```lua -- A simple http server srv=net.createServer(net.TCP) srv:listen(80,function(conn) conn:on("receive",function(conn,payload) print(payload) conn:send("<h1> Hello, NodeMcu.</h1>") end) conn:on("sent",function(conn) conn:close() end) end)

i think he meant this

6. Ilan Klein referred me to this

I'm going to start exploring using ArduinoIDE to program ESP