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Global Warning System

Open source, free, natural catastrophe Global Warning System via satellite.

This is a call to the Worldwide makers community,

we are looking to put a benevolent team together to
build a proof of concept for a open source, free global warning system.

this system would mine data from existing sensors all around the world and weather satellites
and in case of need send a rf alert signal via open source geostationary satellites to small
receiving/warning units that would be distributed for free in remote places, villages and
communities giving them a few minutes to make proper lifesaving moves instead of being taken by surprise.

We are trying to put together a proof of concept and in case of success create a non profit
organisation to take it further.

It’s a two part system with a receiving/transmitting station and a receiving/warning unit.

-The receive and transmit station will need a computer linked to a fast internet connection
and a satellite antenna in order to mine data provided by the multitude of already existing
sensors and satellites, this data has to be filtered and analysed by a software who would then
transmit the relevant alert signals back to satellite who will broadcast to the relevant regions
of the world in case of emergency.

Here we need: hardware and software help with transmitting and receiving to/from satellite.

help in designing and programming the software that would mine and filter the data
from the sensors and know when and where to transmit the proper alerts in case of need.

The alert is then to be picked up by a receiving warning unit on site. Upon reception
of the warning message the unit would emit a warning sound and display a sign that
represents the incoming threat.

This unit is to be as sturdy and as small as possible, and should work on it’s own with
no interaction or external power necessary, it should be able to receive a rf signal and
be rechargeable via integrated solar panels.

We need help designing,engineering , and programming this receiving unit. </poem>

If you are interested and think you can help
A first event/meeting will organized at tami on 23/6/21 be there in person or via video chat!!

Github, YouTube

wiki >

Telegram group >


Join us by mail or phone
0546601115 Assaf