Introduction to Packaging for Debian and Fedora

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We will do two packaging talks back to back, and then get to actual packaging. Bring something you want to package, either for debian/ubuntu or other derivatives, or for fedora/epel/centos and it's derivatives and we will do our best to help you package it!

About Speaker::Lior Kaplan: Lior is a long time debian developer, he will be giving his talk from the last FOSDEM again: debian packaging for beginners

About Speaker::Elad Alfassa: Elad is a Fedora Project contributor involved in design, code and community activities: File:Fedora-packaging-intro-english.odp

About Speaker::Alon Levy: Alon works for Red Hat and has been doing some packaging in that capacity.

Who is coming

Add yourself here with your intended package, and any notes you want to add

Name Intend to Package Notes
Dr. Rutman working on it will bring cookies