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inventory for $ estimation

get now

what details how many
electrical tape (isolierband) any color 5
dubel jumbo 10mm, 1/2" 40x10mm, 10x1/2"
oxy+fuel for oxy setup 1
thermometer temp measurement from 0-200C , e.g. 1
more bandsaw blades 1425mmX1/2"X12 jackie 035581934 5
bandsaw blade 1425mmX1/2"X12 5
cutting disk 9" w 1" hole 1
large diam drills 11", 12", 13" 1 ea
dust masks paper 50
American to Israeli AC socket adapter cheap kind (small plastic with copper connectors) 2

nice to have

what details how many
caliper with lock 1
microscope like [1] 1
lathe for wood/metal 1
smd station with magnifier 1
electric cooktop not gas 1
cutting laser e.g. CO2 1

The full list of tools and equipment which is needed / desired can be found here

bench powertools we have

what details how many pic
circular saw 1" hole 1 Circsaw.jpg
band saw band sage - band is 1425mm(perimeter)X1/2"(blade width)X6(teeth/inch?)Bandsawrecpt.jpg 1 Bandsaw.jpg
drill press 2 Drillpress1.jpgDrillpress2.jpg
welder 1 File:Welder.jpg
Table Saw Bosch GTS10 professional 0601B30003 S/N58112 0303 1

power handtools we have

what pic boxpic where
green drill Greendrill in.jpg Greendrill out.jpg HS
more drills Drills in.jpg Drills out.jpg HS
black&decker hammerdrill B&d hammerdrill in.jpg B&d hammerdrill out.jpg HS
blue&white hammerdrill Blue hammerdrill in.jpg Blue hammerdrill out.jpg HS
ratchet set Boxratchet in.jpg Boxratchet out.jpg HS
dremelbits Dremelbits in.jpg Dremelbits out.jpg HS
grinder Grinder in.jpg Grinder out.jpg HS
quattro Quattro in.jpg Quattro out.jpg HS
jigsaw, sander Jigsand in.jpg Jigsand out.jpg HS

hand tools we have

what details how many pic
screwdriver set 33 pc interchangeable, thanks guy! 1 33pcscrewdriver.jpg

Blue toolchest

in main room

top level - measurement tools

  • calipers
  • rulers

second level - hand tools

  • screwdrivers
  • pliers
  • cutters

third level - hand tools

  • files
  • knives

fourth level - drills

  • drills
  • taps
  • dies

fifth level - adhesives

  • epoxy
  • silicone

fifth level - more adhesives

  • silicone
  • super 7
  • tube gun
  • hot glue

white tool board

in wood room

  • hammers
  • files
  • box wrench sockets
  • box wrenches

on loan


Infrastructure & Self organization

This section should contain what we actually have in the place, except for several cubic meters of space.
as stated in the policy "Any --large-- Equipment you want to drop in tami must be Photograph and uploaded to In-Tami "
Submission email -bs8usbaid9ejn[at]

  1. Equipment we have
  2. Electronic_component_inventory
  3. CNC's
  4. mill, lathe
  5. internet & services
    1. We have an open network called "TelAvivMakers" and another closed one with the password "international", both setup from an OpenWRT router physically hung from the balcony.
  6. Computers
    1. WelcomeComputer
    2. MailComputer
  7. Library
  8. SIGs (especially TLA SIGs)
  9. [[# Needed items and component inventoryInfrastructureTodo]]
  10. InventoryList - nothing here yet except to do items.
  11. Wattometers (not up to date)
    1. wattometer 1day .
    2. wattometer 1wk

on loan


Grass is always greener



  1. Electronic_component_inventory

for stephanie

what details how many
Al block 40mm X 100mm X 160mm 1
Al block [arrived @ segalovich] 60mm X 100mm X 160mm 1
pinion (spur) gear {order in progress} module 1 ~20 and 32 teeth, large shaft (>20mm), bore 14 or as close as poss. 2
drill bit 14mm for sst, with shank <=13mm 1
nut for acme screw 2 starts, ? tpi 1
m6 bolts >=120mm length 7
L profile 10mm 100mm sides 1m