Lower energy consumption

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Started from a discussion on our high cost of electricity, list of stuff to do.

Reduce power hungry computers

@Alon Plan: replace HP (High Power computer) 100% up with a LP 100% and HP TBD% (expected < 5%).


  • We run SMTP, Mediagoblin, MPD & FTP on the HP (which is a 6 core Athlon host name mail,, needs fixed dhcp entry but that's a different problem)
  • I have an Arandale board lying around that could do everything including running mediagoblin except for the transcoding easily, and except for high speed FTP since it only has 100Mbps connection.

Arandale status

(http://www.arndaleboard.org/wiki/index.php/WiKi Exonys 5250, the older one, I actually have two, but just one for this project is enough) TODO:

  • nicer power plug from the molex 2x2 with tape (glue gun, find a molex 2x1) (3.5mm pins width)
  • Get a 4GB+ microSD and install Fedora

consumption of various devices

using wattometer we can approximate consumption of devices. more tests like below and we can isolate everything - so far i havent wanted to fool with servers since alon is on it and they are providing useful services

I pulled off the 3 current clamps, and wattometer read 0W as it should fan off fridge on desktop on 960W

fan off fridge off desktop off 750W

fan off fridge off desktop on 910W

fan on fridge off desktop on 940W