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members meetup

a weekly / bi monthly meetup

  • who - anyone interested in tami
  • what -
    • policies
    • problems\solution
    • big projects\revenue streams


Summaries of previous meetings


See Mem/20170625


משתתפים פרנק, רונן, אמיתי, צבי, יאיר, כפיר, נועם, ג'רמי, אלון, אלעד


Alon: explain our current monetary situation (again), ask for someone to replace or augment him in his responsibilities which include
     checking the balance and reporting it to members monthly
     verifying we have enough money for rent and vaad each month
     writing receipts
     submiting all receipts for the 2015 report (to be done on January 2016)
     verifying that the report for 2014 is ready (last checked around July, so over due a check with our accountants)
 Alon: if there is time, go over pictures I took of things I'd like to replicate from the London Hackerspace, and tell about a cool project the BioDIY in London HS is doing.
 Yuval: [even though I won't be present] I propose raising all members payments by ~50% as well as conducting a massive collection round by approaching everyone who visited us in the past several months
and requesting donations.Equipment has been used, the A/C has been working non-stop, and we're generally being too generous. Jeremy: space above the glass room redux rfc - storage space in novel, currently unused mystery location Ronen: Missing tools, what do we do to prevent more of those? Ronen: Tool borrowing policy: What can be borrowed and for how long? Ronen: Donation Jar, Candies and Beer: I propose that few of us will be responsible to restock candies and beer, take out large sums of money in the donation jar to prevent stealing, and keep track of the whole thing. kfir: RFID/NFC Membership cards with Central access control (keys ,powering tools, easy pay)

סיכום: יאיר ואמיתי וכולם על דברים טובים בשנה האחרונה: יאיר ואמיתי החליטו לדבר קודם על הדברים הטובים בראייה שנה אחורה. יש כלי אחד בלבד שהתאדה, יש הרבה יותר אנשים שבאים, הרבה פרוייקטים שרצים כרגע. תאמי מסודרת יותר. למדנו להסתדר עם הג'נק. יש יותר שלטים. תאמי נהיה שם דבר. יאיר קיבל מלון חמש כוכבים ע"י הקשר לתאמי. יש רובוט מנקה. היו קורסים של ריתוך, נגרות, גיטרה. נולדו שני ילדים.

בעיות \ טעון שיפור: שחיקה של כלים. לא מספיק הכנסת - ארגון, סדר, ציוד מתכלה. והנושא הכספי

הקורס ריתוך - 15 איש, 150 שקל כל אחד (שלמו). חלק ילך לתשתית החשמל של תאמי.

אלון: אני צריך עזרה בניהול ההוצאות והכנסות של תאמי. (פירוט מהאג'נדה). כפיר: מתנדב לדאוג להעברת של החשמל והארנונה לתשלום אוטומטי.

פרנק: שני דברים למדיניות המקום שעלו להצבעה ועברו לגבי ציוד של פרוייקטים אישיים: 1. רק מי שהוא חבר משלם יכול להשאיר דברים במקום. 2. מה שנמצא כרגע והבעלים לא משלם - ינתן זמן לפינוי ואז יפונה. ידווח לפני בכל ערוצי התקשורת (מייל ופייס).

תזכורת מכפיר: מדיניות המקום היא שכל ציוד אישי חייב לשאת במדבקה עם אימייל, שם וטלפון ותאריך ליציאה (התאריך אופציונלי). תזכורת: על פי מדיניות המקום על מה שלא מכיל מדבקה הוא זמין לעבודה לכולם.

הפטישון נמצא.

רונן: נעלם דרמל וצינור שלו (150 שקל שווי).

כפיר: עובד לעשות כרטיס חברות RFID+NFC.

הסכמה שזה דבר מאוד חיובי. כפיר עשה כבר מחקר, ישתמש בצ'יפ של ST, יש לו תכנון של כרטיס (4$ לכל אחד בשביל כמות של 200). משמעויות: 1. ביטול כל המפתחות הקיימים. והקמת מערכת חדשה של ניהול החברים בתאמי.

רונן: אני מביא ממתקים ואני לא יודע אם הכסף נכנס. ג'רמי: אני כותב תמיד ב-MoneyMatters יאיר: Vending Machine יפתור את הבעיה.

יאיר: רוצה להנגיש קומת קרקע של תאמי לנכים. ידאג לשרותים ולכניסה ולבדיקות עם כסא גלגלים.

יאיר: הזכיר שלא צריך לשים שום דבר על הגג זכוכית אמיתי: יכול לבנות קומה שנייה עם אנשי הסדנה שלו. אלון מוכן לשים כסף לקנות קורות I (בהנחה שיהיו עוד אנשים).

נקודות לעשייה: 1. סיכום חודשי של מי מעביר חודש ושל מה נעשה (סדנת חשמל). 2. כפיר אומר שהוא יעביר את החשבון חשמל וארנונה לעמותה. 3. יאיר מחפש מעוניינים בבניית Vending Machine לטובת המקום. 4. יאיר: רוצה להנגיש קומת קרקע של תאמי לנכים. ידאג לשרותים ולכניסה ולבדיקות עם כסא גלגלים.

אלון: 1. רוצה לכתוב אתר כניסה. 2. רוצה להתחיל קורס פייתון. אולי קורס אלם (הרצאה לפחות).


Pre sending to list summary. Meeting lasted about an hour between 10 and 11 pm, with around 11 people present: Guy, Ronen, Yair, Hila, Amitai, Jeremy, Tzvika, Yuval, Dana, Jonathan, Alon.

summary of meeting 31.3.2014

I raised eduardo's request for more space for a study group for the lathe +

Suggestion to throw stephanie and split the table

suggestion to avoid that and just remove the wall next to the lathe

I said we shouldn't discuss the private projevct as though it is public. No one understood me and the discussion about it continued (required/not required given the better cnc?)

action: removing the wall next to the old serrver room

yair: missing shelves in the metal room
related to missing covers for boxes, prevents stacking
an overflowing box is a problem, he

amitai about shiputzim:
amitai will join mailing list

wood room needs suction, cannot work there for more then 15 minutes (with serious debry, i.e. electric saws)
need a giant bag, special cloth bag? we will need to renovate the wiki for that or somthing

update on the amuta:
exists since 7.1.2014
we have a u-bank account
we sent a request for arnona waiver to misrad hapnim and tel aviv muni today (31.3.2014)
it still requires convincing we were amuta-equivalent for the last two years
that will probably require an accountant
yair/hila are working on that
See the Amuta page on the wiki for more details, or alon or hila for even more details

public zones:
should be marked (Guy)
should be evacuated at the end of a work day

we need to have some signs for the dangerous equipment (could be funny too I guess, just eye popping)

amuta has a new phone installed! courtesy of Yuval installation and ongoing payment (peanuts he says})
we need a solution for the gate. we can use a proxy phone.

amitai wants logging of camera
I want camera removed.
probably stays

printers - black printers is blue ink only

yair: put names on things, otherwise they get cannabilized. naming works.


Hi List members,

 We had a long and cordial meeting yesterday (20:50 to 22:30~), here are
my notes, I'd appreciate any fixes / adding anything missed from the
participants: Yair, Kfir, Yuval, Guy, Daniel, Amitai, Dana, Dor(on
list?), Guy M., anyone else I forgot, and of course any comments from
everyone who wasn't there 

Note on comments:
 AI - action item, i.e. something someone should do, accompanied by name.
 ML - mailing list, where this message has been sent.
 BA - Big Ass, the almost-working CNC, formerly G&G CNC.

Without further ado:

+ Yair: should set a constant meeting event.
+ Yair: Jeremy raised the subject of mess causing people to not come.
Private and public property not clearly marked.
  + Yair: Projects on the floor are a sign we are over capacity.
  + Yair: we need to give 50cm x 50cm x TBD for everyone, the hive was
for that originally.
  + Yair: too many pc's on the shelves, lots not working, not clearly
    + Many: we can combine N bad to M good, and throw the rest.
  + Guy: stereo systems. we have multiple, some (all except what he
brought?) not working.
  + Concensus: if it has a sticker with date and note of working it's good
  + Yair: we need to have empty spaces so we can think of what to do
with them. [I paraphrased that bit]
  + Kfir: We need to throw stuff that isn't stock (pointing out 400 kg
cooker and two satellite dishes).
  + Guy: doesn't like expiry date idea (Kfir's).
  + Guy: I think the idea of: take picture, put on list, say we are
throwing this.
  + AI Yair: until morning images of UPS that is going to be thrown on
the ML (and anything else)
  + Yair: people shouldn't leave things that are unmarked but precious
to them all around which is like pissing to mark territory
  + AI Alon: cc Moti about UPSs being next to the door and about to be
thrown in a week.
+ Yair: CNC Stephanie
  + Kfir will dismantle stephanie - parts to be reused. (Without asking
+ CNC - Big Ass
  + AI Guy will let Kfir kick ass by letting him do all the work
  + AI Amitai will cut the cnc room table to half for size of BA
+ Yair: what is public and private space. Example: Dan's machine taking
the table Yair cleared, stuff that should be moved
  + Yair: when you bring something to the space you need to think of the
resting and working place. And if there is none you need to figure out
where and make it.
  + Private space will be the hive when we Amitai & שות will finish the
Shiputz (when?)
+ AI Kfir Waver כתב ויתור
  + AI Alon: Ask E.C. about club teufa, what do they do.
  + AI Alon: print stickers "Shit on this table will be removed"
+ AI Yair: will print the wiki policy page and put next to the door
+ AI Long Term Yuval: do a welcome screen.
+ Yair: what is the minimum that we expect from people (context: talking
about not everybody helping with the shiputz)
  + Kfir: what is written on the door [which means: closing lights and
ac when leaving, being idempotent]
+ Shiputz [Amitai gave a short overview, square brackets are my
during-note-taking comments]
  + Glass wall in balcony room dividing it to two (laptop work area plus
mechatronics room)
  + Nagarut stays.
  + Cnc room broadens to include the small area that had the servers
until now [that move to?]
  + Cnc moves into the CNC room, the table will be cut to half to
accomocate the closet
  + Area left from entrance between entrance and kitchen will be for
stock materials
  + Glass room should become private storage (hive moves into there,
making it smaller) and small meeting area
  + Leaning on glass room (where the hive is) will be big boards.
  + big room: twice electronics area, more compute rarea, and sewing
  + tools in the current storage area. drill press, simliar tools.
  + brown closet should go away (where to put its contents?)
  + build another floor on top of glass room.
+ Amuta:
  + Alon: we have an amuta since 7.1.2014, we are working on getting
arnona discount and getting bank account, Yahav seems to be it
(8nis/month lower then other banks except bank hadoar that has a bad rep).


10.4.2013 - TODO

Discussion - Tami meeting 4, 12.2.2013

  • we need an electric plan (someone who understands how to deliver 3-phase input to all spaces)
  • cartons boxes should be replaced with proper plastic boxes @Yair
  • missing aluminum table pieces (handled by @Guy)
  • space configuration should be customizable to allow for multiple uses
  • upper gallery should be extended next week (@Kfir + @Yair + @Hila + someone else)
  • party planned for beginning of march (@Hila)
  • arnona handling with Tel Aviv muni (@Ilan, @Hila and keep @Alon in the loop)
  • @Everyone bring in more posters and stickers
  • hardware room needs another L-shaped table at the far end (@Moti)
  • install watt-o-meter (@Alon)
  • shutdown hallway PC (electricity is ~80NIS/month), replace with raspberry pi (@Yuval)
  • membership / paying membership status, @Alon to set PayPal recurring payments
  • the building is not completely industrial, some people live here, keep noise at night to a minimum (@Everyone)
  • @Yair to send details on hackerspace workshop grants
  • Policy: do not talk about policies until it is required.
  • Policy: no recurring grants (deutche telecome). yes donated equipment.
  • @Unassigned inventory and wanted list
  • @Ehud return wiki to it's former glory
  • @Ilan standard waiver (half a page) in entrance of hackerspace. (box for signed ones?)
  • @Alon camera/kinect
  • Ehud: let's schedule a circuit hacking
  • Missing major electronics equipment: Good scope (digital and color), Good bench power supply, s stereo microscope for soldering.
  • @Ilan venta(s) for machine room and main room.
  • @Yair merchandise shelf: opapms (like shenchai)
  • @Alon setup federated services
  • @Alon calendar on frontpage with recurring events.
  • need 4 weekly recurring events at least. (@Ehud)
  • Write up a "be excellent to one another" (translate to hebrew) etc. "guidelines" and poster it. @Unassigned
  • @Alon print the "makers bill of rights" as poster at Oren.
  • @Alon nudge Guy to do the circuit hacking notmonday. start with a poll on who wants and when. but aim for beginners later and publish on facebook.
  • Led screen?
  • @Yuval raspberipi low power server .
  • Map of the area, eating, hardware (nuts, bolts etc) stores, electronics stores, bike rental, bus stops, train, routes, overlay google maps / open street maps - @Unassigned
  • Update front page with arrival instructions to new place @Unassigned

By order of importance

  • setup electronics section: aluminium table, shelves.


  • Stop using the term core members.