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Make Pulseaudio works as a client on windows

Use case: streaming from any windows application to a pulseaudio server. meeep is the one in the hackerspace.

Everyone is on my case because pulseaudio won't work on windows. Well, get a freaking rights preserving operating system, will ya? Mean while, maybe something can be done based on

  • pulseaudio - has multiple builds for windows, will need to build it with the ddk.

Having a driver that would output to pulseaudio would make all applications just work, as long as they were capable of selecting the audio output. I'm sure that is doable for vlc, no idea about flash / internet explorer / firefox / itunes etc., will require testing.

Oh, look what the spider dragged in:

  1. http://nicolasevans.org/2012/windows-pulseaudio-driver/ - nothing there yet, just some guy not long ago (December) talking about the same freaking thing. I offered help and asked for the git repo access, hope something will come out of it.