Night hack by T.A.M.I

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magnetic robot rolling on kadishman metal statuE V>RUNNU> התרוממות

pingpong light balls reacting to sound/vibration

Pingpong1.jpg Pingpong2.jpg


stochastic bracelet beading

Bracelet1.jpg Bracelet2.jpg

kickoff meeting Tuesday 14/05/13 at 2:00PM

working on a proposal for an free/open night event in kikar habima (for the the TLV philharmonics opening) on the 25-27th OF THIS MONTH. its a co-production between TLV museum and the philharmonics.

a good venue for Tami to show its powers + get some $

its very new and answer should be fast - as in tomorrow morning we/i need to send some images and text.

what we pitched to the production is --> "night hacks by T.A.M.I"

no big monsters (SRLLLL). many small interruptions. it is not a clean show. work can and could be done on the spot, very ROUGH and failures are welcome. as long as they are funny/spectacular. tech-terror type. strike and disappear.


  • a tree that will suddenly covered in L.E.Ds
  • a 100 1mW leds costume/somthing.
  • (many) robots rolling around (my cheap nervous design, others will add\mod)
  • magnetic robot rolling on the kadishman metal statue
  • pingpong light balls reacting to sound/vibration
  • software hacks (piratebox?)
  • guerrilla workshop
  • laser tagging (G.R.L)
  • POVsticks
  • (erasable)drawBot
  • copters delivering food (בייגלה?)
  • camera obscura
  • Chladni Plates [e.g] [instructions:]
  • measuring the speed of sound with a scope.
  • OpenCoke
  • Coke/Mentos
  • Non-Newtonian fluids (oobleck)
  • more and more.

this can help TAMI with a few months of rent (around 10K) and exposure. note, t.a.m.i can decide not to expose itself. it can be under another name

comments/suggestions - now

discussion link -!topic/hasadna/vlDvVJqytw0

current blurb in programa

T.A.M.I night hacks \ תא"מי יאמי Tel Aviv Makers is a hackerspace. an open lab for technologists in the widest sense possible.
bio-engineers, artists, roboticists, creative coders and network specialists, designers, carpenters and everything in between.
to this event we will bring our passions along for a guerrilla type sub-event.
tonight theme will be "lazy like a fox" - effortless human machine interactions, using robots, small lights and the healing power of laughter.

תל אביב מייקרז הוא האקרספייס. מעבדה שיתופית ופתוחה לנשות ואנשי טכנולוגיה במובן הרחב של המילה.
ביו-הנדסאים, רובוטיקאים, אנשי עיצוב וטכנאי רשתות, נגרים, חובבי אופטיקה, אמנים וכל מה שבאמצע.
התמה השולטת הלילה - "עצלן כמו שועל", יחסי אדם מכונה נינוחים.
נשתמש ברובוטים, אורות קטנים ובכוחו המרפא של הצחוק.

(שם אמן: תאמ"י - מעבדה שיתופית (האקרספייס
טכניקה: מעורבת עם בטריות