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PCB etching guides

home made

hebrew video guide

how to transfer drawing=


this is like a thermal transfer paper (press-n-peel) made at home using nothing more then corn starch heated till brown and boild in water. you then print your design stright on a dextrin coated paper and heat press to your copper. got to try,,,

topoR / how to route like a PRO bot

if you have been doing manually routing , your doing it wrong. check topoR.

Work on a flexible topological router began in 1988, when it became clear that the traditional methods of routing with regular and irregular grids (grid-based routers and shape-based routers) and consecutive wiring with locked-down geometry were a dead-end solution.



final outcome

running topoR

topoR lite is strictly a windows app. on linux/arch64 i tried wine but it messed the gui and was non operational. i now run it on a lite edition of winxp

topoR FAQ

  • whats the llimitation of the lite/free versions of topoR

seems the limits are up to 125 nets and 8 signal layers.

  • What's the input/output from topoR ?

topoR doesnt have schematic capture module. it works based on input from supported formats

  1. P-CAD 2000-2006—through the ASCII PCB format
  2. Altium Designer—through the ASCII PCB format
  3. Cadence OrCad—through the .dsn format
  4. Mentor Graphics Expedition—through .hkp files
  5. Mentor Graphics PADS—PADS ASCII PCB (for versions from PowerPCB V3.5 to PADS Layout V2005.2)
  6. DipTrace—through the ASCII PCB format
  7. Proteus ARES—through the .dsn (.edf) format
  8. Eagle—through the .brd and .dsn formats
  9. KiCad—through the .dsn format
  10. CADint—through the .dsn format
  11. Pulsonix—through the .dsn format
  • Can it export back

Yes. The program supports import and export of the following file formats:

  1. PCAD ASCII PCB versions 2000, 2002, 2004, 2006
  2. PADS ASCII PCB versions 3.5, 4.0, 5.0, 2005.0
  3. DSN/SES (SPECCTRA, Electra)

In addition, DXF output is possible for interchange wit or use it to generate the GERBER files the PCB house expect

  • can you do manual fixes within topoR?

it has great manual routing capabilities. including interactive wire/via pushing, impedance matching etc.

more here http://eda.eremex.com/products/topor/competitiveadvantages/


alternative PCB modes

gerber to Gcode

Gerber to GCode converter


eagle stuff

hey, thanks to all how came to the first PCB workshop.
here is an eagle-pack with a collection of libraries and scripts that are nice to have. add this paths to options>Directories. you can safely replace the stock directories with this ones.



about scripting abilities of EAGLE

  • guides and syntax color for np++ - here
  • MOVE group by x -0.5 y -0.5
mov (C> 0 0) (R -0.5 -0.5)

which moves the group selected by clicking at (0,0) by a relative distance of (-0.5,-0.5), stuff like that. It’s even quicker than clicking buttons with the mouse – if I want to change track widths, I just type “ch wi 20” which CHanges the WIdth to 20 units, and then start clicking. from a hackaday comment

COPY group by x 900 y 0

 cop (C> 0 0) (R 900 0)

panelize ULP

this script offers a GUI to panelizev (duplicate) your design - rar link

DXF/SVG to eagle

ground plane