PTZ Camera NHJ CCD Webcam(PC370R) SQ930B-L based

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Camera works well under linux, but no access to the PTZ functions. Opening the camera and googling the chips reveals:

main chip is SQ930B-L (product id is 0x930b), it is a USB 2.0 camera interface with support for 30fps raw or 20 fps compressed (jpeg, for USB 1.1 mode), with a 8032 CPU with gpio, probably used for the two stepper motors.

two ULN2003 chips. (JTA80A)

Board silk screen says K37-66107-M4A on the edge

on led (blue)


two stepper connectors (5 wires)

SONIX SN8P2501B - RISC processor

4 wire connector that goes out to the usb socket, 2 wires coming to the microphone.

PC370R reconstructed block diagram.svg