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Making is fun, sharing is caring

An effort needs to be made to document and share what we do- to allow others at TAMI to reproduce it, and also to help grow databases that we love to use. One of the big take-home messages from 2013 was that we need to contribute to these, and we probably need to be part of a wiki site that presents details, instructions and measures of reusability of commodity devices


  • Photographing under good light with a static camera (Camera, stand, lights, curved backdrop)
  • Possibly adding a 720p webcam with a slightly narrower lens
  • Software that allows recording / editing of youtube teardowns

And then for sharing - (Open for discussion)

  • wikidevi for photos and tecnical details
  • youtube for teardown videos
  • (later) a custom wiki that combines the above points with reusability index, incorporating an object oriented view of data storagem, navigation and searchability.