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here are some Questions and Answers regarding TAMI

היי כבר הרבה זמן שאני רוצה לבקר בTAMI ועוד לא יצא לי ועכשיו נראה לי שיש לי הזדמנות ומטרה! אני רוצה לארגן יום עבודה/הולדת לחבר שהוא מייקר חובב בו נגיע כמה חברים (בערך 8) ונכין לו מתנות איש איש על פי כישוריו. אני לא חבר עדיין ולכן תהיתי אם יש מישהו שיהיה מוכן לפתוח לנו את המקום ליום באחד הסופשים הקרובים? נשמח לתרום את חלקינו הכספי עבור החוויה ☺️


to fully experience tami (and your goal) i suggest some preparations.

  1. there is only one real rule in tami - Be Excellent to Each Other!
  2. visit before- during Guaranteed to be Open
  3. tami has no paid staff, only volunteers.
  4. pre-scout tami for the tools you need, see what is on the shelves (unnamed items are for everyone to use), make sure you have consumables and stuff ready for the weekend, everything is closed on weekend, What You Have Is What You Got.
  5. get a key and prepare to be independent in the space. see #1, #2 and רווחת_האדם_והמכונה_בתאמי
  6. leave tami in a better shape then you entered it, meaning clean after you, communicate what/if you broke something (it happens) and leave some $ behind.
  7. machine you dont know how to operate are around, you will have to approach a maintainer for those, mostly this relates to the machine shop(sunday) and 3D printer(wednesday).
  8. getting someone to shepherd you for a weekend is out of scope (see #2), and anyways, tami is about self management. and being excellent to each other.
  9. this are all guidelines, we try to keep as little rules as possible.
  10. as i answered your question, you can PM me for real-time(ish) assistance.
  11. there is also a a milinglist and a telegram channel for tami discussions.