Shay's webcam

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Shay who is connected with the alfred gallery (below us) has an installation at the haifa museum of art. We setup a webcam there, using 'yawcam' to take pics every 10 secs and save locally as well as to since I couldn't figure out how to scp thru the firewall. I don't really understand why ftp would work while scp not; the bezeq guys controlling the museum router claimed to have put in a dmz (all ports open) thus port 22 (which scp uses) should have been ok . Anyway the great state of florida having setup this anon ftp site, we are sending there. In the meantime a script on the telavivmakers host runs, which every 10 secs or so sends the latest pic to pic.jpg which is then read by which is then read by

I imagine the two processes will eventually get out of sync - prob. the telavivmakers one will start running behind the webcam one since it does the filetransfer, then sleeps 10 sec, while the webcam seems to send the pic almost exactly every 10 sec. Anyway I suppose it couldbe solved by looking for the latest pic in the ftp site - but I've put enough time into this sucker. It was surprisingly difficult to get a verdammt webcam going given that these things have been around for decades.

The linux script doing the reading is :


while [ 1 -le 10 ]


       echo $filename
       curl -v -o pic.jpg$filename
       sleep 10
       echo "$picnum"
       picnum=`expr $picnum + 1`