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Jamo Studio 105 (Speakers)

  • condition: one working, one not
  • One has lower resistance (1.2hm) and causes TEAC AG-550 to overheat.
    • Investigated: left it in a worse state, but irrelevant since it wasn't working anyway.
    • Specifically:
      • 3 elements. Both smaller diameter / higher frequency ones have similar (+-5%) resistance to the working speaker.
      • The third, large element (low frequency) has 1.1~ Ohm (from memory) instead of a ~8/9 Ohm resistance. I disconnected the element but saw no change to the resistance. Left it disconnected (by desoldering one of the wires from the element, connecting it with tape so it won't flap, and leaving everything else the same). AlonLevy (talk).

jvc 510

  • condition: untested
  • takes 120V

ONKYO TA-W100 (dual cassette player)

  • condition: unknown

TEAC AG550 (Amplifier, FM and CD/DVD)

  • condition: working as amplifier