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Landline | טלפון

  • Tami has a VoIP/SIP landline with the following number: +972 (0)3 3726660.
  • Phone is located on central table.

Feel free to call to check if someone is in the space or whatever.

Landline - making calls

Dial anywhere you want, for example:

- Local landline: 03-372-6660
- International: 1-212-555-1234

Currently local 1-800/1-900 numbers do not work.

Emergency numbers

100 (police)
101 (medical - mada)
102 (fire department) have been specially routed to work.

Any special numbers, other than emergency numbers, do not work either.

Landline rates

  • $3.33/month for the DID incoming number
  • $0.015/minute for incoming calls
  • $0.01/minute for outgoing landline calls in Israel
  • $0.035/minute for outgoing mobile calls in Israel
  • Outgoing international calls are roughly the same rates for mobile/landline (as long as it's not any exotic destination)

Not the cheapest rates, but the provider is decent. Yuval foots the bill.

Landline setup & plans

  • Right now we're using a single VoIP hard phone (Fanvil/Focus Telecom generic device) connecting directly to our SIP provider.
  • Further plans include setting up an asterisk server and do more interesting stuff such as have internal comms at the space, and SMS capabilites.
  • telecallmart - voip providers