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This template is used for collecting data about some event. When inserted in an event's page, it creates a decorative table with much helpful information. It also takes care of annotating the given data semantically, so that users can easily find it or query it in other articles.

To use this template, insert the following at the beginning of your user page. All fields are required.

 |  Title=Full title of the given event
 |  Start date=December 9 2012
 |  Duration=2 hours

The order of the fields is not relevant. The template should be given as the first thing on a page.

You should add speaker and type properties for easier searches. Due to the option of adding multiple of these they are not part of the template right now (If you know how to do that please fix it). So for instance:

[[Speaker::Your Name]]

[[Start date:={{{Start date}}}]]