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Installing Tftp is not really working out nicely. This is a log of some of the problems.

(solved) Computer sometimes accepts DHCP, sometimes not

Solution: bad network card. Added a secondary network card, booted (PXE) from it.

A physical computer shows the following symptoms:

  1. Initial DHCP works, accepts pxelinux.0, getting pxelinux.cfg/default, which points to bfo.krnl, downloaded, booted, gets new ipxe, choosing fedora 18 x86_64 in menu, booting through it, getting dumped to emergency initrd due to dracut-initqueue failing.
  2. Doing a reboot
  3. Now DHCP fails to work.

This happened twice, so something got the dhcp back to working. I think it was cycling the router, which probably means deleting the leases file.