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misc projects to do at tami


  • gather abandoned dishes and put in sink
  • wash dishes in sink and put on drying rack
  • put dried dishes on drying rack, into shelves
  • clean table surfaces
  • sweep
  • mop
  • take out trash

== one-time ==

  • build wall between welding room and above mech room 15 HP
  • eliminate flimsy 'shelves' in mech room and above mech room, replace with actual shelves 10HP
  • go thru 'misc' boxes and de-entropize 7 HP
  • 'occupancy meter' based on door openings/movement sensors 3 HP
  • (kfir) replace lights in the metal room and mill room with leds 10HP
  • dust filtration system . e.g. like this 4HP
  • sort cables in green plastic boxes at the hive (next to glass room)
  • build more shelves above the small electronics workspace (between the wood and mech room).
  • install the new smoke detectors you just bought (if you can find it)

*fix the safety-hazardous projector screen , currently attached to ceiling by single bolt on left side 12 HP (hackerpoints)
*gather, organize nuts/bolts and put in place above mech room 10 HP
*get rid of wooden thingy full of clothes above mech room 7 HP
*fix folding bed above mech room 5 HP
*put up more bookshelves in glassroom, elsewhere for books on white rack storage shelves 10 HP
*toolboard for welding room 5 HP
*get rid of irrelevant computer cases and psu's 10HP
*(kfir) clean the mill and prep for calibration 7HP
*(kfir) Calibrate the mill 5HP

things to get

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