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  • Lumír Ondřej Hanuš - discoverer of anandamide structure while at HUJI, Czech Medical Cannabis activist.
* "one of the safest known medications"


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11231	שימוש בקנאביס למטרות רפואיות - א. מוס'	1	11	מיומנויות מקצועיות	36	2011	מרכז לבריה"נ אברבנאל	מ. הבריאות	4/18/2012	בתעודה רשום 41 שעות

Medicinal uses & Chemical data


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Approved Drugs

Approval is done by the Ministry of Health, ‫‪Medical Technology And Infrastructure Administration‬‬:

  • Letters address:
    • ‫רח' ב טבאי ‪ 2‬ירושלים ‪ 93591‬ת‪.‬ד‪ 1176 .‬ירושלים ‪91010‬‬
    • ‫‪2 BEN TABAI ST. JERUSALEM 93591 P.O.B. 1176‬‬
  • Address:
    • ‫רח' פייר קניג ‪ 33‬תלפיות‪ ,‬בני הטורקיז‪ ,‬קומה ג' ירושלים טל'‪ 02 5657700 :‬פקס‪02 5657720 :‬‬
    • ‫‪33 PIERRE KOENIG ST. TALPIOT JERUSALEM TEL: 02-5657700 FAX: 02-5657720‬‬
‫‪Sativex .34‬‬
‫מוגש להכללה בסל לטיפול בכאב על רקע מחלות טרשת נפוצה וסרט )בהתוויות מסוימות(‪.‬‬
‫נדונו ההתוויות השונות והוחלט‪:‬‬
‫לגבי כאב סרטני טר אושר לרישו ולכ לא ידו השנה‪.‬‬
‫לגבי טיפול בכאב נוירופאתי וספסטיות בחולי טרשת נפוצה לאור העדויות המדעיות ולאור החלופות‬
‫הקיימות ידורג כ ‪.A9‬‬




  • clear-uk including correspondence. Reports on it's contents:
It is within the public domain that Sativex is an whole plant extract manufactured by blending two strains of herbal cannabis and using a CO2 extraction process to produce a tincture which also contains ethanol, propylene glycol and peppermint oil. Sativex is cannabis and contains all the cannabinoids, terpines and flavonoids present in the plants from which it is made.



  • american National Institute of Health request for research on CRD (Cannabis resulting disorders) from 2003.
    • Has the claims (a multitude of debilitating long term effects of cannabis) substantiated or refuted?





  • Heavy marijuana users have abnormal brain structure and poor memory
    • Summary (mine - no abstract available): 97 teens (17-19) using daily for 3 years where structure MRI'ed after 2 years of no use. Not sure about the actual disposition in the 97 since the full article is unavailable. The MRI showed reductions in size of brain structure associated with memory correlating with length of chronic use.
    • Northwestern. No pdf available yet. Not appearing on the main investigator's (according to the press release) site.
    • Main investigator: lead study author Matthew Smith, an assistant research professor in psychiatry and behavioral sciences at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine
    • Press release:
  • A controlled family study of cannabis users with and without psychosis )Ashley C. Proal, Jerry Fleming, Juan A. Galvez-Buccollini, Lynn E. DeLisi( Schizophrenia Research - 04 December 2013 (10.1016/j.schres.2013.11.014
    • Summary (from abstract): The results of the current study suggest that having an increased familial morbid risk for schizophrenia may be the underlying basis for schizophrenia in cannabis users and not cannabis use by itself.
    • Full text behind Elsevier paywall.
    • Study used interviews, no MRI. ~200 subjects.