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To do


(priority 1) remove registration link, it is no longer used, instead phone calls are used.

bugs in adding workshops:

  • editEvent - should not require seconds to be entered for start nor end times.
  • creating a new event link is broken.
  • creating a new event shouldn't add two events, one today and the other the requested, but just the requested.
  • email for new registrations stopped arriving (a non problem when we remove the registration link)


using admin when adding a top page.

mailing list

  • registration to "טבע חקלאות וגינון" doesn't go to the right list
  • remove "פרמקוצ'ר"
  • put phone in cellular field since that's how it is used.

New Front Page

  • Using SVG as a new homepage for citytree. Questions not answered and answered:
    • how to put svg into a html page?
      • inline or embedded. embedding can be in object, img or iframe. onclick property handling is strange:
        • alert works in inline, object & iframe (not in img).
        • a links work too, editable with inkscape, just remember to set target="_top" (editable with the inkscape dialog too) to break out of iframe/object. src (img) doesn't allow links too.

Inkscape itself can create flowed text easily.