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How is it produced

Modern Meadow


Main Points

  • blood taste - researching Mioglobin
  • using 3d printing for the structure
  • start with cell culture (like Mark Post at Maastaricht)
  • did port for tedmed 2011, but focusing on beef now


AMA Andras Gabors

  • Absolutely. Bioassembly (using a bioprinter or otherwise) is just one step of the process. The muscle tissue does need to be conditioned post-assembly for a period of time. This requires specialized bioreactors that can continue to provide nutrients to the muscle while it is being exercised.
  • We're seeing where we get on flavor without replicating blood for now. That said, there are teams working on blood analogs as well. We could incorporate some myoglobin analog for iron and taste as necessary. This part is still work-in-progress.

Environmental Impact

  • Quoted by Andras in his AMA