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It's sad.

Using wine (thanks!) which allows:

  • to run the NS plugin under windows firefox (using ff 31.0 and fp 14, debug version)
  • to run the standalone flash player debug version
  • to run the flex + air SDK
    • flex is now open source, the last two years even, but air SDK is not, and there are no linux binaries.
    • also, it's all java anyway.


  • ExternalInterface - this is the gateway to javascript interaction. It breaks.
  • crossdomain, security problems.
  • global settings of flash plugin refuse to open

General problems (not sure linux related)

  • Building is sloooooooooooowwwww.
  • Using IntelliJ - the slowness might be related to it. Haven't built using the sdk only yet. I should try to, and then intelliJ can be left as a nice debugging tool (emacs can be used as well, since fdb, the flash player debugger, is modelled after gdb)