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There is a procedure for creating an oil from cannabis flowers, that oil has a number of names, usually just cannabis oil, but it is separate from cannabis seeds oil, or from several other procedures to create cannabis oil. The oil I am talking about is called "Phoenix Tears", also known as Rick Simpson Oil after the inventor. The production procedure is dissolving of the cannabis flowers in isopropyl alcohol and controlled heating for evaporating same alcohol, see complete details in [1a] [2].

I claim that this cannabis oil (1) may cure cancer, (2) reduces mainstream cancer treatment side effects (chemo and radiation), and (3) will not cause harm. I will now try to support my claims.

May cure cancer:

  1. There are anecdotal evidence of complete remission [1], [1b]
  2. I've spoken with people who gave the oil to 300 patients, out of which 100 cancer patients. Out of the total 40-50 responded in objective partial remission (MRI/CT/Other relevant medical tests).
  3. There is research showing the selective effect of the main cannabinoids THC, CBD on tumors [3], [4], [13], [14], [15], [16]. Several books as well [5], [6]
  4. There is evidence suggesting the THC used by itself is not effective ([7] out of [5])

Helps with side effects and will not cause harm:

  1. Usage of cannabis during chemotheraphy and radiation therapy does not lead to interaction, and medical cannabis is supplied to chemotheraphy patients against pain, for nausea and to enhance the appetite [12]. The usage of medical cannabis in Israel and in the world by cancer patients for alleviation of side effects is well known.


  1. While scientific publications on the oil are missing, there is an approved drug called Sativex ([9], [10]) for multiple sclerosis side effects that contains similar concentrations [appendix A].
  2. Cannabis science is working on cannabis based drugs and they mention anti neoplasm (i.e. cancer) activity [8]
  3. Quoting Prof. Grinspoon "There is overwhelming evidence of its efficacy in treating a wide range of medical conditions and, very importantly, of its safety and lack of significant side effects" [17], quoting [18].

[1a] "Run from the cure" video, part 2: Hemp Oil Dosage Information

[1b] Michelle Aldrich cancer free

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Appendix A

Comparison of concentrations of THC and CBD between Sativex and Pheonix tears:

From [10]:

  1. A single dose of Sativex includes 27 mg of THC and 25 mg of CBD
  2. 12 doses per day
  3. Total per day: 324 mg THC, 300 mg CBD
  4. Sensitivity tests included up to 48 doses per day: 1296 mg THC and 1200 mg CBD.

Out of [11] and assuming 1 gr per day:

  1. Assuming 60% THC (numbers vary between 50-80) and 10% CBD (numbers vary between 5-70)
  2. Total per day: 600 mg THC and 100 mg CBD