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About Me

I'm a performance artist, and a game and puzzle creator.

I Previously tried to be a sculptor, but failed on the technical stuff. I'm exited in the new technologies that are becoming accessible: 3D printing, CNC, and laser cutting. maybe I can become a sculptor after all.

Also, I had been a computer programmer for many years; I programmed mainly in C++. I also started learning Haskell recently.

I'm interested to learn to build mechanical stuff. I'm planning to start with toys and automata.
I'm also planning to explore the more contemporary technologies to make the same things (and more,) mainly microcontrollers and motors.

In the future I'd like to create machines that I'm either part of, or at least in deep interaction with (art projects.)

I'm fascinated with people becoming mechanical and the mechanical becoming life-like.
I'm also fascinated with digital masquerading as analog and vice-versa; for instance, old pendulum clocks are actually more digital than analog, at least in my opinion. Their main method of operation, as I view it, is to count the swings of the pendulum, and counting is certainly digital.

Contact Info

email: rshouker שטרודל ג'ימייל נקודה com
phone: אפס חמש שתיים ואחרי זה 3196413