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This is about setting a windows machine to stream audio to our pulseaudio server running on meeep listening to port 15000 with the simple tcp protocol (see below for extra unneccessary technical details).

The following steps are based on the excelent work of Trustin Lee.


  1. Download & Install
    1. get Live In Code from, as of this writing 0.9.4 is the latest. Install to c:\util (you can change it to anything else if you prefer)
    2. get, unzip to c:\util (let license.txt overwrite the one from Live In Code)
    3. this software is a free vb aurio virtual audio cable without the annoying periodic "trial" announcement Install Virtual Audio Cable trial (4.1.2 is the latest as of this writing) version (this is the only proprietary piece here, and it is being worked on.
    4. Alternatively install vb-audio (see blog post)
      1. Note: This requires administrator rights as it installs a driver. Tested only on windows 7 32 bit.
    5. Create a batch file in c:\util\stream_to_meeep.bat (use notepad / copy con / another editor) with the contents: linco.exe -B 16 -C 2 -R 44100 | nc meeep 15000
    6. create a shortcut on the desktop to it.
  2. Run
    1. Make sure Control Panel/Sound/{Playback,Recording} default device (the one with the checkmark) is the Virtual Audio Cable device.
    2. launch stream_to_meeep
    3. Play any music you like as usual
    4. If the firewall pops up it is a good sign, since that is what you are doing - streaming outside with nc.exe ; allow it.

Steps when switching between local and tami audio:

  1. Go to control panel
  2. choose sound
  3. in playback, choose your audio device and select "set default"
  4. in recording, choose your audio device and select "set default"

Technical details

Pulseaudio can accept a number of protocols, one of them is called simple, it is straight pcm, two channel 16 bit per sample at 44100 Hz.

Our server is configured to listen on port 15000.