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General Policies

  1. The Rule of thumb when considering to bring equipment\Materials to TAMI is - " if it's not properly labelled: it's for public use" by properly labelled we mean a sticker with your {Name}\{initials} {Phone}\{Email} at least.
  2. If you are not a paying member (see Guidelines_for_new_members you are not allowed to store projects or material in the space unless it can be used by the general members.
  3. Any --large-- Equipment you want to drop in TAMI must be Photographed and uploaded to our google groupto be authorized by the general members.
  4. Equipment which is not properly labelled (as mentioned above) and is not dedicated to a --Work in progress-- project, will be moved next to the door and a notification will be sent out to the social media outlets. if not claimed it would be thrown to the trash in a week from the moment of the notification (to extend the expiration date please notify our mailing list in the Google-Group )
  5. if you take something from the shop like a tool you MUST update the BorrowLog.
  6. if you have to use some component or take a piece of hardware please stock up and order a replacement for what you took +1.

Mech-Room Policies

  1. if you're not sure how to use a tool... ask someone how to use it. or don't use it. some tools are really dangerous if used incorrectly. i don't care if you break it.. i just don't want to see ANYONE get hurt. this brings me to the second point..
  2. if you decided to use the tool. respect it.. as it was probably a donation by a nice person who wanted to see TAMI succeed. we rely on nice people to bring us cool stuff in the notion that their stuff will be treated nicely. i know for a fact that there's at least couple of guys (pun not intended) that don't want to bring their cool stuff because they're afraid it will be misused. and personally after Saturday i don't blame them. and that brings me to my last point.
  3. Tools...will... break... from now on.. if you break it.. please. don't just leave it as it was. report it to TAMI members, that is in this forums. open a post stating you broke X-Y or Z and we will figure out what to do next. the reason behind this is that if one of the member was planning to use that specific tool you broke, the member could decided if he's still coming to the shop or not and maybe change his plans accordingly.. (not everyone live in close proximity to the shop). and if you decide to chip in when buying a new tool it would be nice.