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Bank Clerk tarrif Direct tarrif (generally means web) Minimum monthly tarrif Notes about Amuta offers (similar to small business, discount, negative discount, relative to personal account?) links
Poalim 6.5 1.35 73 (big businness over-va-shav 13 = 6.5*2) maybe the clerk was wrong and we can get a better rate.
Leumi 5.5 1.65 11 cannot do Digital (zero tarrifs)
Discount forgot, but similar (5.9?) no idea. There is a nice taarifon on the site (all banks have it, mandated I gather) 5.9*2 = 11.8 contacted me (29.1.2014) suggested Shenkin outlet (open on Fridays as opposed to closer Yehuda Halevi 38 and Rotchild 4). Will call me from the snif for details.
Yahav - TODO
Jerusalem - TODO. Could not get details by phone
Mizrachi Tfachot - TODO (didn't even call)