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This page is about ongoing work to fix the Guy & Guy CNC.

There are multiple documents here:

This page is mainly a summary of meetings for visibility into the ongoing work. Actual document editing is done at the above google drive, and meetings are coordinated via the mailing list.

If you want to join the effort please say hello at hasadna at googlegroups

18 October

Present: Guy, Tzvika, Idan, Jeremy, Alon

Thanks to Idan, a new arrival to TAMI who immediately jumped on board, despite being an active EE student!

This summary is written by Alon who is still struggling to use org mode, so this will be a condensed dump from there.

Achievements of the meeting:

  • Tzvika explained cabling end labeling per "Reference Designations for Electrical and Electronics Parts and Equipment" standard.
  • To-do list to get the CNC to being fully wired.
  • Division of labor:
    • Guy & Tzvika - external wiring
    • Guy & Tzvika & Alon - internal wiring
    • Idan - Limit switches
    • Jeremy - Cable guards
  • Identified several missing elements: Z axis break wiring, stop button attachment to control box, Mains power outlet on control box, liquid cooling (multiple issues).
  • Alon taking role of coordinator and secretary
  • Order of work:
    • Parallel:
      • missing external wires (need ~3 more) - Guy & Tzvika
      • limit switches mechanical attachments - Idan
      • Cable guide supports - Jeremy
    • Wiring new cables through cable guides
    • Internal wiring
  • Expected for next week:
    • limit switches
    • cable guide support
    • internal wiring meeting (Guy & Tzvika & Alon)
    • some progress on external wiring
  • Expect a weekly meeting, tentatively Wednesday but will move (Idan can't)
Jeremy constructed the support for the main cable guide, aka cable guide 1, aka cable guide for Y, Z and Spindle. 18th of October 2017 CNC meeting