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The thing is there's only four bits per parachute sector, so how would you write a message (eg in english chars which need a 26 char alphabet).
If you had 5 bits that would be perfect. Maybe every 10 sectors (which gives 40 bits) is split into eight 5-bit words?
If you just convert as binary it doesn't seem to scan.

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I've been busy since 2018 but am back to report on a mystery from the nasa mars lander vid I think there's a msg in the parachute

Para1.png Para2.png Para3.png Para4.png Para5.png


The thing is there's only four bits per parachute sector, so how would you write a message (eg in english chars which need a 26 char alphabet). If you had 5 bits that would be perfect. Maybe every 10 sectors (which gives 40 bits) is split into eight 5-bit words? If you just convert as binary it doesn't seem to scan.


We had a visit from Eli Mizrachi and abt 5 women from the Iriya. They looked around , specifically asked for the lathe/mill, checked out the biolab (which is looking better every week) and left after abt 20 min - there was no clear decision or conclusion. Hopefully they got the picture that the place is not only not-for-profit but in fact an excellent money-pit ...


https://www.clubmate.de/international-resellers.html leads to Emad Zaher 00972-52-2277049 Luis Zaher 00972-54-8078884 which leads to 054 807 8884 lui who leads to eitan 0543131665 Eitan wants 6.5nis/bottle for 1/2 heineken and 5nis/bottle for club mate but we need to make min order of 800nis


Avi has been hard at work upgrading the new gallery (that he built in place of the glass room) . He brought a bunch of storage trays which fit under the gallery, sliding into place two deep. Check it :

Avi racks1.jpg Avi rack2.jpg Avi rack3.jpg

Master planner that he is, the distance between beams exactly fit the container dimensions, allowing for ceiling storage that will launch the hackerspace into 2019 with guns blazing (metaphorically, we don't condone such, although neither do we categorically condemn, preferring a Swiss position on this and all other matters political). Huzzah!!


visitor from the gdr turned me on to the stuttgart shackspace - check out the arduino board ---




alon and tami (the human one) make shelves

Alontami1.jpg Alontami2.jpg Alontami3.jpg


tami meeting. we need some donors/alt income sources. outgoing ~11kNIS/month incoming ~3k/month -> sugar daddy coughs up 8kNis/month which is very bad for angels with finite bank accounts


massive cleaning at the metal shop!

also Gopro0013.ledsmoke.gif



1. cables&connectors : wooden 'hive'

2. computers & random non-cable non-connector electronics : white metal racks on SouthEast wall

3. non-electronics& personal stuff: white metal racks to left of entrace when entering

yair's explanation utube yair mediagoblin

yossi's explanation utube yossi mediagoblin

This creature Bonnie.jpg Bonnie2.jpg is loose ! Guard the cookies !

outtakes from day of shooting


at-tami bakeoff. the attami can act as a keyboard/mouse emulator. a highly useful device now exists that , when connected to your usb, types the following every minute:

Now, this is the story all about how

My life got flipped-turned upside down

And I'd like to take a minute, just sit right there

I'll tell you how I became the prince of a town called Bel Air


It turns out our neighbor Neighbor1.jpg Neighbor2.jpg used to be in the robot business Neighborbot1.jpg Neighborbot2.jpg and now does watertanks Tank1.jpg

Eran is nearly done with his bike trailer TrailerEran.jpg. He made this nice weldingrod holder Rodholder.jpg, found a nice vise Vise.jpg for the welding table, and also grabbed about a half ton of metal stock from Donde's bike cart shop that's closing its doors :<


Dr. Norbert came round for part 1 of his ecorenovation series. We got some insider recipes and theory on ancient techniques that have gotten lost with the advent of 'plastic building' - latex paints amongst the offenders. Norbert1.jpg Norbert2.jpg NorbertRecipe.jpg We resurfaced a wall - it came out pretty nice and was rather easy to do.

The kg45 bldg had an artshow with some intstng pieces Kg45Show1.jpg Kg45Show2.jpg utube [mediagoblin offline]


This character Kfirby.jpg has been showing up again lately, with the general result that stuff is getting done, shelves re going up, and some 'freedom cleats' may eventually get made if the hackerspace doesn't get in his way too much.

This character Avi.jpg with the maniacal grin that is usually hidden by an orbit-worthy respirator Aviresp.jpg has been doing these nicely finished parts AviPARTS1.jpg AviPARTS2.jpg for an automatic food rehydrator and cooker (think coffee capsules with food instead of coffee).

This character Denisa.jpg has made some interesting stuff - microfluidics first experiments and now this 'kiss sensor' Kiss.jpg which lites up when you touch it (or kiss it).

This character DanielRULEZballons1.jpg is keeping the world safe from red balloon clusters DanielRULEZballons2.jpg

And finally this character AlonN.jpg keeps coming round, not sure what the story is


gingi here is working at the 'new' central bus station refurbishment and for this purpose has engineered the following pallet deconstructor

PalletX.jpg mediagoblin vid utube vid


a few more at-tami's are born. slice out of the matrix using scroll saw, buff edges for that personal touch Attami cut1.jpg Attami cut2.jpg


new shelf for electronics bench, not quite at hinon's level Hinonbench.jpg but not bad Electrobench.jpg

welding with carmel round 2 Weld2a.jpg Weld2b.jpg Weld2c.jpg


welding with carmel round 1 Weld1a.jpg Weld1b.jpg Weld1c.jpg


amusing tami quotes

'if you managed to make a deal with maxwell's demon, the real devil would be your bitch...' - d. klein

'as an adult i still think I can do anything, I just have a better estimate of how long it'll take' - a. levy



srsly pplz. attami rulz the hauz. theres nothing like the smell of cheap chinese solder paste in the afternoon - smells like temporary victory over the forces of entropic dissolution. Kudos to the wire-haired genius that made this all happen - Zvika, Yair, Guy, and Udi for long and careful work on design. Zvika for his kind of amazing arduino-controlled solder reflow oven complete with door-opener, reminiscent of the 'useless machine' insofar as it turns itself off, but is contrariwise eminently useful. Yair got the boards made, fixed the bugs, obtained all the components, made a solder mask using the stencil machine he also obtained for tami, etc. etc.

How do we do this, you ask?? Here is my step by step:

Attami8.jpg These are the bare boards before dicing. Slice one out.
Attami1.jpg Yair made this solder mask using the stencil cutting machine
Attami2.jpg Put the attami board in the jig and smear on some solder paste thru the solder mask.
Attami3.jpg Then scrape off the excess, doctor-blade style andAttami4.jpg start adding components
Attami5.jpg from the the convenient component box Attami6.jpg according to the latest layout
Attami7.jpg Note these parts are TINY
Attami9.jpg Keep going with the components, do not give up.AttamiBUILD.jpg
Attami10.jpg Once the board is populated, check for errors AttamiCHECK.jpeg
Attami11.jpg and pop it in the oven for reflow. Turn on heating elements, max temp and max time, hit reset on the computer ps zvika hacked.
Attami12.jpg After the reflow is done add a little jumper from X to Y
Attami13.jpg now you ready for program, boy - using the 'isp' Attami14.jpg and this crazy contraption
Attami15.jpg which is spring loaded!!!Attami16.jpg connect!
Attami17.jpg yair haz teh codez 200px make blinken fur die checkenprotokol

Speaker found new home in kitchen for wide stereo separation and amp/ps are now bolted out of the way under the beamer shelf.
Beamershelf2.jpgBeamershelf1.jpg Beamershelf3.jpgBeamershelf4.jpg


Some folks from a robotics class in a local high school came by with their guide and built some robots. This is for some sort of competition for robots that do pick and place I think.

Hs robots1.jpgHs robots2.jpg

Tami got a motorizd movie scren (it rolls up, one that drives around would be good but maybe inconvenient for the viewers , unless they were also rolling) thanks to Amitai who reworked jerem'y primitivist attempt. I am a sparkplug, ignitor of idea-storms. Anyway at this point the thing actually works, the beamer is now on the central pillar which also got an upgrade by Yair Jeremy and Amitai.



Yonatan the Gingiest hacked a skateboard by adding a carbon fiber layer - actually too stiff but still way better than the original.

Natskate1.jpg Nateskate2.jpg

Jeremy looked at a cockroft-walton voltage multiplier that was assembled wrong, and tried putting a single stage together correctly, no dice. Would the driving frequency affect the output voltage for some reason?



The midburn IT team had a really groovy hackacthon. An impressive roster of folks contributed their time and expertise to get a pro site up which can be used by other regional midburns (these are burning man local events timed between the main burning man event.


check out a timelapse here

And with sound here

It included

1. customizing drupal cod (https://www.drupal.org/project/cod) for a ticketing system (to be open and usable by other communities when ready)

2. writing 'inspiration' - http://staging.soulbounds.com/burn/

3. various other things (SEO, wordpress security review, moving to AWS)

Some pictures here


cardboard + copper tape = pcb board without etching

imgur gallery > http://imgur.com/a/HYXIv


Geekcon Network preparations are in high gear



A qMp mesh network has been deployed at two locations in Shapira!


IMG 0002.jpg


the motor control guys controlled motors Motor.jpg

AT-TAMI has a home Attami.jpg

uri once again set sail into the seas of linux Urilinux.jpg

AT-TAMI Schematic


The Israeli Pirates came over for an Occupy Wifi workshop http://occupywifi.org/ Yairpirate.jpg


Emergency laptop repair - on a mac, replacing a hybrid ssd/regular hd

Macrepair1.jpg Macrepair2.jpg


some old vids i haven't put up yet -

alon's math stompdown

fishing line muscle wire

ecomotion copter


Danabeat.jpg dana makes heartbeat(video) using arduino to drive solenoid thru low side mosfet switch

Galmag.jpg gal demonstrates backhand magnet-throw vid


Dual frequency and duty cycle for Dana's heartbeat implemented on Uno in under five minutes by master programmer Salacious Crumb, video here



SHAKE THE HAND OF LIGHTNING - Noam made a HV supply for jacob's ladder effects using a flyback transformer and 3055 npn power transistor as shown here, video here



Yuval brought in an Alpine MRV-F305 amp salvaged from his car


will stay at the space for now to drop some beats.



newer, higher shelves - as high as the eye can see
High shelves.jpg
note the elusive horizontal shelf-sloth has been captured in this rare, collector's item photo

newer, higher library - as high as the eye can see

Dr. Norbert Hoepfer Workshop once again

hand-drill action
Hand drill.jpg

table-saw safety


the woodroom is now on the way to order.
when you use it, leave it more ordered, not less.
whosoever leaveth the woodroom with higher entropy, shall be cursed unto the seventh generation.

Woodorder1.jpg Woodorder2.jpg



hila model's noam's helmet-mounted floodlight

Frank made box Frankbox1.jpg Frankbox2.jpg


obligatory cute cats


moty models alex's down-under-cam
Undercam1.jpg Undercam2.jpg

quantum kid has a brainstorm in the hs
Qk1.jpg Qk2.jpg

and norbert goes to town once again with a wood workshop
Woodwork1.jpg Woodwork2.jpg Woodwork3.jpg
finally, zvika guessed a correct diagram for a high-throughput blower that now graces the woodroom


JS made a giant green mushroom

YA made some kind of antenna after installing arch on a new machine


JF created a chopping board with recess to allow destination-plate to be put in position so that chopped pieces can be output directly onto plate

Chop1.jpg Chop2.jpg


DK amused the masses with CD-in-microwave antics


N reconstituted a vintage makineta type device



Zvika figured out the electrical problem.

Soon we'll try to map the circuits and put them e.g.
Since the 'difference' fuse was jumping we look for a leak to ground.
To test connectivity between physically remote points (i.e. the output of fuse 5 and a suspect 'hot' wire) you can
run a long wire from the output of the fuse (in the main electric box) to a DVM, hold DVM near suspect hot wire and test resistance between suspect hot wire and output of fuse.

notes -
8 kOhm is minimum ok for resistance between hot line and ground. The 'difference' fuse (aka residual current device) trips at somewhere higher than 30mA. Testing resistance (with DVM) should show at least the 8kOhm resistance - however if the leak is diode-like, ie has a high threshold or breakdown voltage beyond which resistance changes, you won't pick the problem up with a regular DVM, you need a 'megger'.

We have a 'tester' which is a screwdriver with led inside, to use it close the circuit between top metal and clip metal with your finger , your body's capacitance to ground is enough to light the LED. It lights up when it hits a live 220VAC line, hopefully your body doesn't do the same. This can be used to map the circuits - turn off fuses one by one and see which outlets get neutralized.
The right side of an outlet (as you look at outlet from front) should be hot, left neutral, third is ground. Several of the outlets in the hs were found to be reversed (hot on left) - in dj area, this is bad

notes from Z

1. Before starting the work check that the DVM and the tes