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|bosch drill
|bosch screwdriver
|J Fromm
|J Fromm

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השאלה - כל מי שלוקח בבקשה לעדכן!

Borrow log - anyone taking something please update!

Borrow Log
What Who Contact (list/email/phone)
(no need to specify if well known)
Return expected by
Juicer and a crosshead screwdriver Frank Bolton list
Prime Sense sensor Asaf Shiloni list 15th oct 2013
Guns Germs and Steel book Tzvika Schneider list 26th Jan 2014
Bosch cutting disk (1 out of the 3 we have) Yuval Adam list June 2014
Pyrographic pen Galia Bahat list Week of 18.5.14
BOSCH jigsaw Jonathan Spiegelglas list 26.5.14
Circular saw Gut Mador list 27.5.14
CAT5 crimper + CAT5 headers Yuval Adam list 20.6.14
חמש גופי קירור יובל שגב לאלון יש את המספר שלו 26.6.14
Nooelec 125 Mhz Upconverter Yuval Adam list Whenever Alon wants it back
casio projector kfir list 1.7.14
bosch screwdriver J Fromm list 4.7.14