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השאלה - כל מי שלוקח בבקשה לעדכן!

Borrow log - anyone taking something please update!

/משור עולה יורד של וולף - יקי12/7/2014/ }
Borrow Log
What Who Contact (list/email/phone)
(no need to specify if well known)
Return expected by
LT380 NEC projector + some speakers + amp system Alon phone 05 answer to the ultimate question 395317
6x (small?) Servo Motors Or Shoval - Jerusalem science museum fair phone 054-644-2411
ProView computer monitor Ronen Shouker list 30.11.16
stencil cutter yair list 24 March 2015
THE STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN (ladder) Eran Solo list 12 March 2015
Prime Sense sensor Asaf Shiloni list 15th oct 2013
Pyrographic pen Galia Bahat list Week of 18.5.14
Circular saw Gut Mador list 27.5.14
חמש גופי קירור יובל שגב לאלון יש את המספר שלו 26.6.14
Nooelec 125 Mhz Upconverter Yuval Adam list Whenever Alon wants it back
Laptop Galia Bahat list ASAP (after Jul 3)
משור עולה ויורד יקי list ASAP (after Jul 20)
CP210x USB/serial Yuval A. list Feb 2015
Acrylic Sylicon Tube Ilya Frumson list May 2015
Matrix - been used at TOM Ilya Frumson list May 2015
Small resistor - been used at TOM Ilya Frumson list May 2015
35mm forstner bit jonathan Spiegelglas list 10/7/15
blue welder + mask jonathan Spiegelglas list 31/7/15