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Problem statement: You decided to start growing food in your balcony / top floor / window sill. You want to know: what can I grow, when should I plant it, how do I take care of it. The number one problem is to figure out how much sunlight and wind you have. You also want to boast about what you are growing to your friends. And perhaps find someone with a similar environment to compare to.

Proposed software solution:

  • Sunlight simulation using almanac and 3d structure of the house and neighbouring areas.
  • Knowledge base on plants per sunlight (e.g. tomatos require 4 hours of daily sunlight at least)

Some jumbled notes:

  • application for Eyal, for the home gardening. Information gathering, playful - maybe simgarden. Will provide real data, sort of mix with tamaguchi:
    • based on real 3d contour, incorporate a special purpose 3d editor, with some prebuilt types of homes so you can estimate sunlight
      • major problem is the houses next to you, especially if you are not on top floor
        • produce bounds instead of a single number
          • create smart inputing of the skyline.
            • contour like
            • take pictures
                • existing format for panorama?
                • create yet another panorama app (garden panorama app?)
                • do stiching here, just take a bunch of pictures.
                  • assume this is hassle free or not a lot will do it
    • create pretty animations and all in 3d, but add real reports
      • schedule for planting
  • etc.