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Where: discourse.telavivmakers.org

Purpose: mailing list and forum


Why discourse

Here are various reasons cribbed from other people's transitions (so there is clear selection bias - I did not look for "we moved to discourse but then returned back to google groups" or "why we will never move to discourse"


Personally, I find the following an improvement over google groups:
- code blocks (copying and pasting code into the google groups interface always tends to look bad)
- the ability to edit posts
- the ability to move threads to different categories (i.e. posts to julia-dev which should have gone to julia-users, etc)
- Selectively subscribe to certain topics/categories of discussion and not others.
- Selectively see threads that reach certain quality/interest thresholds.
- Take links directly from where one reads messages
    (I really dislike the Google groups interface, so I use Gmail for reading messages, but then getting a link to a post is a real pain; the Discourse interface is much better).
- Real tools for moderation, management and administration.
- Active, open development
    Google Groups is not only proprietary, but it's also effectively abandonware.