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Where: discourse.telavivmakers.org

Purpose: mailing list and forum


Why discourse

Here are various reasons cribbed from other people's transitions (so there is clear selection bias - I did not look for "we moved to discourse but then returned back to google groups" or "why we will never move to discourse"


Personally, I find the following an improvement over google groups:
- code blocks (copying and pasting code into the google groups interface always tends to look bad)
- the ability to edit posts
- the ability to move threads to different categories (i.e. posts to julia-dev which should have gone to julia-users, etc)
- Selectively subscribe to certain topics/categories of discussion and not others.
- Selectively see threads that reach certain quality/interest thresholds.
- Take links directly from where one reads messages
    (I really dislike the Google groups interface, so I use Gmail for reading messages, but then getting a link to a post is a real pain; the Discourse interface is much better).
- Real tools for moderation, management and administration.
- Active, open development
    Google Groups is not only proprietary, but it's also effectively abandonware.

Bloomreach (https://developers.bloomreach.com/blog/2018/moving-the-forum-from-google-groups-to-discourse.html) / Hippo

    Ability to build sub-forums to enable more focused discussions (e.g., HST, Enterprise features, beta releases) where interested parties can talk in detail without the entire community being notified.
    Ability to highlight contributors (e.g., badges for most answers to questions, profiles with links to business) so we can recognize folks who have been major participants in conversations and helped others.
    Ability to reduce duplicate posts by showing related questions, stickied posts, etc. + a much better search.
    Ability to add features like FAQ, voting for features, @mentioning relevant parties.
    Ability for folks to keep using Discourse as a plain old mailing list.