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Mech. Equipment, Tools

This section should contain what we actually have in the place, except for several cubic meters of space.
as stated in the policy "Any --large-- Equipment you want to drop in tami must be Photograph and uploaded to In-Tami "
Submission email -bs8usbaid9ejn[at]

  1. Equipment we have
  2. Needed items & component inventory
  3. Electronic_component_inventory
  4. CNC's
  5. mill, lathe
  6. internet & services
    1. We have an open network called "TelAvivMakers" and another closed one with the password "international", both setup from an OpenWRT router physically hung from the balcony.
  7. Computers
    1. WelcomeComputer
    2. MailComputer
  8. Library
  9. SIGs (especially TLA SIGs)
  10. [[# Needed items and component inventoryInfrastructureTodo]]
  11. InventoryList - nothing here yet except to do items.
  12. Wattometers (not up to date)
    1. wattometer 1day .
    2. wattometer 1wk
  13. Telephony
  14. electronics and mech. sources
  15. Project documentation equipment
  16. TftpSetup
  17. CamerasFixing

Technical Guidelines

  1. Open WRT to Microprocessor
  2. Webcam javascript app notes

To do

The To do list

on loan


Grass is always greener