Giant projector

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Yair brought a giant projector - a Sony VPH 600QM. Alon got a vga-rgbhv connector and we now get images albeit doubled. So it seems the resolution from the user manual is low - it doesn't actually list the resolution but there's a horizontal refresh rate max of 15.75Khz and vertical of 50/60Hz. If you do 15750/50 you get 315 which i think will be the max horizontal pixels. vertical pixels is max 900 from the manual - see p.25. If thats the case then its pretty much too low for modern tastes...

Some more information on this french cinema site (translated). Information quoted from there:

The Sony VPH600QM was my first TT. For TT, I strongly discourages the PC for several reasons:
1. it only supports 15 kHz, which is equivalent to:
- 640x480 60hz and entrelassé (interlaced in Powertrip)
- 720x576 with 50hz and entrelassé
2. it only accepts composite sync.

This works best with this projector is a DVD player that has an RGB SCART (RGB). Then that's what you do:
- You buy a SCART socket weld (those found in electronic stores)
- You buy 3 BNC 75 Ohm cables
- You cut one of these three cables extrêminé you and sodas on the RGB SCART connectors (+ masses that come with it)
- You connected to the TT BNC (RGB) and the scart on the DVD player
- You buy another cable 75 Ohm BNC to RCA you connected on one side of the TT (NLC) and the other on the composite video output of the DVD.
- Parameters you the DVD player via SCART RGB.

That's it. ;) With it you will have a top image :)

Make yourself a basic screen to the maximum of 1.60 because the projo really is not bright. I advise you to take a gain screen but it must be good if you have a Hot Spot.