Intro to TAMI

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Note: See the Intro_to_TAMI_PR page as well.

This page is about preparing for the next intro to TAMI event, collecting notes from previous meetings:

Things to repeat

  • Blackboard / giant poster for writing down workshops
    • Make sure there are english and hebrew columns
    • Have the "subscribe to all workshop messages" column pre-filled with "Yes/No*"
  • Stickers or other identifiers on TAMI members so people know who to ask


  • Have more demos
  • Have a list of projects, maybe have the greeter loop on the projects (youtube playlist / slideshow)
  • The beer tub (which was a hack, since the refrigerator didn't work) proved a good selling technique, use it.
  • Have one person be assigned to be a stealth "bee keeper" who will:
    • not wear a sticker, so people won't bother him/her.
    • be responsible for having beer / refreshment to be refilled during the event.
    • hydrate the instructors.
    • point people to the more hidden stations.
    • keep an eye on everything: that stations are actually (wo)manned, and that nothing get stolen.
  • have a list of members and their skills they are willing to coach / teach
  • have an inventory