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In the south of Tel-Aviv there's a cool place that allows you to build, fix, or mod stuff.

It's call the TAMI hackerspace, and you are welcomed to get to know it.

In the event take a tour of the place and see the equipment it has: electronics equipment, computers, woodworking tools, machining equipment, welders, a 3D printer, a sewing machine and more.

More importantly, it's a place that people that are interested in those area meet, and you can ask their advice.

The place is run, not for profit, by the members themselves.

The place is open for everyone when it's open, and if you are a member (and you can become one, for a monthly payment) you can get a key and come anytime you like.

So come and see for yourself.

[If we use the station format: The event is not frontal, you can arrive between 8:00pm and 9:30pm, take a tour and get explanations.]

Where are we?