Just Fucking Do it

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Just Fucking Do It

Just Fucking Do It principle is derived from the doOcracy system where people assign themselves tasks and roles.

So if you believe something should get done - get it done. If it's not getting done - then it's not important enough for anyone.

Just Fucking Do It exists as a humourous quasi-vulgar form of encouragement on the fringes of "Be Excellent to Each Other", as a kind reminder that expecting a service in a doOcracy is being non-excellent while you should (please) feel empowered to getting it done yourself in our community.

Q: What happens if I believe something is important, but I can't do it all by myself?

While individual doing is encouraged, "getting it done" and "doing it yourself" are not the same thing.

Getting it done also includes requesting assistance and collaborating.

Tips to effectively get people to collaborate with you:

  • try to explain why it is important
  • what "getting it done" entails
  • which parts are you unable to do on your own
  • don't expect a response - it is not guaranteed (for which there may be many reasons), maybe just wait, or try again differently. For example, if you've tried twice but no-one understood, maybe someone else can communicate it to the others with you.

Then you're really fucking doing it :-)))!

The recommended platform for collaborative doing and communication is discourse

For more information on DoOcracy: