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(Tami Graph installation)

  1. adduser knownodes
  2. su knownodes
  3. cd
  4. git clone
  5. mkdir config
  6. copy all config files to config (DB.conf.js email.conf.js loggly.conf.js passport.conf.js settings.js testacular.conf.js)
  7. edit them
  8. download neo4j community edition, unpack in home directory, no systemd file yet, just run bin/neo4j start (port 7474 - edit DB.conf)
  9. add a new subdomain (at our domain name service web interface)
  10. edit haproxy on the router to add a redirect from that domain to the internal service (running on host/port)


setup local mongodb support nodejs 0.10 (latest)

  • current 0.8.26

support neo4j 2.0.0 (latest)

  • current 1.8.3