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looking into running a self hosted mail server for zimmer


i need a turnkey solution, preferably a docker type of thing.


more dockers at google search docker+mail+server

word of the wise

a.k.a rolling ur own
as micky said, rolling your own is hell "but rewarding"

"Make sure that the IP you run it on hasn't been dirtied in the past.
It's a bit of effort setting it up yourself but is really worthwhile in the end.
- Check out the Postfix and Dovecot O'reilly books
- extremely useful (most of your time will be spent configuring these guys)
- Configure a good firewall
- Generate your SSL certificates one way or another
- DNS Configuration (SPF/DKIM)
- Spam management/virus scanning (usually spamassasin and clamav)
Yeah, mail-in-a-box will probably do all of this for you but y'know.... 'unix and all that'
Bonus points: write a puppet manifest/saltstack state/ansible role/whatever you use to automate building an email server just the way you like it. Good luck!