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What is it right now

A platform (i.e. web site) to share videos, images, 3d models, pdfs.

We have a local instance.

Alon is the admin, please email on any problems to alon at po remove-me-and-space-before-and-after box dot com.

On going work

DONE Support pdf + document formats.

STALLED Supporting bulk upload (not by me, but in the works - piwigo implementation)

NOT-YET-STARTED blender native format support (only stl supported right now)

openid seems to work fine, tested using

Get a proper ssl certificate.

What it aims to be

Federated. Searchable. See issues.

Wish List

You are urged to create a bug at and to talk to the developers at the irc channel, links at join page, but if you prefer not to I (Alon) will try to take care of anything written on this page.

  • Progress notification for upload
  • Portal start page like facebook with search and user list

Replacement tumbler for intami / outtami:

  • android / iphone app
    • user/password settings
    • [second] option of creating a new account
    • a send to target - so you just go to any image you have and send it, or directly from the camera.
  • submission of new media by email
    • uses the from address and maps it to an email. Authentication?? rate limiting?? Perhaps requires answereing a reply email with something. How is it solved by tumblr?