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  • KG45 contract renewal 2018 / alternative venues
  • budget review income vs. expenses
  • sustainability roadmap (not a buzzword i swear)
  • legal status


Alon, jr, yair, ronen, yuval, noam, arie, yoav


  • jr is leaving
  • yair alon jr get CC on tuesday and they add yair to account
  • arnona update yair
    • mosad mitnadev - we didn't get into the 2017 round
    • hila is talking with iria people
    • wednesday iria workshop, we get some $$$
    • mosad nitmach - WIP / Hila / Agaf Tarbut
    • mosad nitmach - generally positive
  • alon handoff yuval PR material for Racheli
  • alon search and handoff previous arnona records to Yair / Hila
  • we're in a busy neighbourhood, lots of alternative places around us
  • {alon,ronen,kfir} handoff member list to yuval
  • המתכנים באים לנגר והנגרים באים לתכנת
  • party: yair + yoav
  • public post: yuval +
  • next meeting early august