Microcontroller development boards

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You might also want to take a look at this List of Arduino boards and compatible systems

Name $ Architecture Processor Flash RAM Expansion Command-Line Graphical
# of GPIO # of A/D Max A/D bits Max A/D speed # of D/A Max D/A bits Max D/A speed # of PWM USB Other HW
Launchpad (v1.3, v1.4) EOL MSP430 MSP430G2231
2KB 128 20-pin Boosterpack GCC CCS (Eclipse) No 10
Launchpad (v1.5) 9.99 MSP430 MSP430G2553
20-pin Boosterpack GCC CCS (Eclipse) Energia 16 8 10
Stellaris Launchpad 12.99 ARM Cortex M4F LM4F120H5QR 256K 32K 40-pin Boosterpack Yes CCS (Eclipse)
Atollic (Eclipse)
Tiva C series Launchpad 12.99 ARM Cortex M4F TM4C123GH6PM 256K 32K 40-pin Boosterpack Yes CCS (Eclipse)
Atollic (Eclipse)
STM32F4DISCOVERY 14.25 ARM Cortex M4 STM32F407VGT6 1MB 192KB Yes Atollic (Eclipse) Can be made to work
STM32F3DISCOVERY 16.2 ARM Cortex M4 STM32F303VCT6 256KB 48KB Yes Atollic (Eclipse)
STM32VLDISCOVERY 9.68 ARM Cortex M3 STM32F100RBT6 128KB 8KB Yes Atollic (Eclipse) Patched

Maple IDE

STM32F0DISCOVERY 7.83 ARM Cortex M0 STM32F051R8T6 64KB 8KB Yes Atollic (Eclipse)
STM32L-DISCOVERY 11.76 ARM Cortex M3 STM32L152RBT6 128KB 16KB Yes Atollic (Eclipse)
Maple 45 ARM Cortex M3 STM32F103RB 120K 20K Arduino shield Maple IDE
Maple Mini 35 ARM Cortex M3 STM32F103CBT6 120K 20K DIP module Maple IDE
chipKIT Uno32 26.95 PIC32 PIC32MX320F128 128KB 16KB Arduino shield MPLAB-X (Netbeans) MPIDE
chipKIT uC32 34.99 PIC32 PIC32MX340F512H 512KB 32KB Arduino shield MPLAB-X (Netbeans) MPIDE
chipKIT Max32 49.50 PIC32 PIC32MX795F512 512KB 128KB Arduino MEGA shield MPLAB-X (Netbeans) MPIDE
Embedded Pi 34 ARM Cortex M3 STM32F103RB 128K 20K Arduino shield
Raspberry Pi Compatible

My take on this (Udi):

  • MSP430 is dead, as the only reason to buy it in the first place was the $4.30 original price on the Launchpad. Now that the price has rose to $10 and you can get Arduinos for less, why bother? Unless you absolutely need a DIP chip, go buy something else.
  • ST's own STM32 discovery board series gives great value for their price, and are clearly sold at a loss to grab developers mindshare, however, they have no full support by an Arduino fork. We have the Maple software but it is being developed by leaflabs who are probably interested in supporting their boards only. The major hurdle in using ST's boards with Maple is that they probably have a different bootloader protocol (ST/LINK) than the leaflabs boards.
  • The PIC32 boards were interesting when they came out, but now that we have Arduino based and Arduino compatible ARM boards that costs less, why bother?
  • the Stellaris launchpad series is interesting because they give a complete ARM based solution at $13 that can be programmed with an Arduino-like environment


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