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its wired, but not moving yet

  • suspect the supplied driver being bad or wired wrong.


  • moving successfully all 3 axis using an easy-driver controller - a common stepper driver for <750mA steppers.


  • i would like to try running the miniCNC using different controller, preferably a RAMPS board (

for the other cnc's in the space see the Big_CNCs page




  • milling fine PCB traces calls for leveling the bed-
    • PcbSubtraction


stepper wiring
A1 - black
A2 - green
B1 - red
B2 - blue

following is the cable wiring with function/color/number we connected using diagram from manual (page 45)

spindle cw blk 1

xstep brwn 2

xdir red 3

x enabe orng 4

y step ylw 5

ydirdeep grn 6

yenabe deepBlu 7

zsteppurplr 8

zdir gry 9

wht 10

x limit switch pinkk 11

light green 12

grey blk 13

zenable brwn white 14

red white 15

orng white 16

deep green /whte 17

blu white 18

purpe white 19

red blk 20

orng blk 21

ylw bk 22

grn blk 23

gry blk 24

pnk blk 25


  • KCAM 4 (demo version) -

slightly configured (page 84)

  • linuxCNC

i mounted the live linuxCNC disk and installed ubuntu on the cnc machine PCs #74
got a conf file from mydiycnc site (named MyDIYCNC.stepconf)
conf files are used to setup the configuration of new machines.

following the linuxCNC configuration file

  • MACH3

  • others on the web