Money Matters

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What this page is about

What we pay (expenses), who pays (members, fly by donors), how to pay.

Expenses Overview

Telavivmakers is located in Haim ben Atar 19, we pay a rent of 4000 nis / mo for the whole space, out of which we use 90/110 ~= 82% of the area, the arnona of 300 nis/mo is split the same, additionally we pay 180 nis/mo (I'll have to recheck that number) for 30 Mbps hot based internet, an unspecified sum for electricity and water bills. Any renovation expenses are not included here - paint, hardware (i.e. nails, screws), tools. I think all the tools in the space are either donated or lent for an unspecified period, except small exceptions, like the excellent sound system put there by Dyma.

In sum, expected monthly expenses are:

  • 0.82 * (4000 + 300) + 180 = 3706.0

How to pay

pay via paypal

Read on for details on where this goes.

Since there is no Amuta yet payment is made via Paypal to Alon, who will:

  • log it in this page (unless payer marked payment as anonymous)
  • pass it on to Jeremy or himself or anyone else who has put money in the place to share the expenses.
  • Using paypal is not as good as paying with cash directly, but it may be more convenient.
  • Alas, subscription requires a business or premier account (or googling some paypal automation script). Left as an exercise for the readers.

Expense Transactions logs

06.06.12 200nis (50 via paypal to Alon) to Jermey - from Yonatan

23.5.12 50nis to Jeremy - from Daniel

10.5.12 50nis brackets 35nis dibelim to stores from Jeremy

10.5.12 - 4000 nis rent to Gila - from Jeremy

1.4.12 - 4000nis rent to Gila - from Jeremy

30.3.12?? - 1500nis to Tejas guy for Tejas stuff?? - from Moti??

30.3.12 - 1500nis to movers - from Jeremy

30.3.12 - 500nis to Tejas owner for tool rack - from Jeremy

16.3.12 - 300nis payment for the aluminum profiles big table - from Guy

16.3.12 - 400nis payment for the aluminum profiles big table - from Alon

?.3.12 - 200nis to Jeremy - from Benny D.

?.3.12 - 500nis to Jeremy via Alon - from garagegeek guy

8.3.12 - 1000nis to Jeremy - from Alon

8.3.12 - 700nis to Jeremy - from Non-Alon hackers

1.3.12 - 4000nis rent to Gila - from Jeremy

22.2.12 - 700nis payment for 7 office tables - from Guy

1.2.12 - 4000nis rent to Gila - from Jeremy

Electric, Water

water and elect initial readings


new noise source underneath us?