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Network setup in TAMI:

Using openl2tp to connect to hot:


add a repo at /etc/yum.repos.d/yandex.repo : [yandex] name=yanex baseurl=

Instructions summary (for x86_64, from link above):

edit /usr/lib64/openl2tp/hot

 tunnel create tunnel_name=hot persist=on \
    dest_ipaddr= secret=<password> \
 ppp profile create profile_name=hot \
    default_route=yes lcp_echo_interval=20 \
 session create session_name=hot tunnel_name=hot ppp_profile_name=hot \
    user_name=<username> user_password=<password>

start using l2tpconfig:

config restore file=/usr/lib/openl2tp/hot

to start on bootup edit /etc/sysconfig/openl2tpd and edit the last line to read OPENL2TPD_CONFIG_FILE=/usr/lib64/openl2tp/hot